Thursday, April 28, 2011


Welcome To The Greatest Critical Blog This Side of the Internet!
My name is Cameron, but you may call me "Your Greatness". If you have came here because your friend suggested it, then your friends have good taste. If you came here because you think this blog is gonna suck, go sit in that corner over there and think about where your life went wrong. Anyway, you may be thinking "Cameron, you suave psychopath, what could you possibly be reviewing? My answer is ANYTHING. Manga, anime, video games, books, TV, movies, real life, etc., etc., etc. I will tell you about the biggest fails, the greatest triumphs, and the diamonds in the rough. And YOU have to deal with my sharp wit and sarcasm (Muahahahahahahahaaaa.....) This week, I will be reviewing the manga/anime juggenaut of awesome badass hilarity and action known as Soul Eater.

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