Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soul Eater Review: Criticisms

Now, overall, Soul Eater is a great series. It easily switches from action to comedy to drama and back to comedy without making the series feel like it's going through an identity crisis. My only complaint is that, while the manga is still bing continued, the anime's concluded. When have a series this good, you don't end it until the fandom says "Ok, we're done here!" Also, when Asura gets resurrected, the series goes through a gritty reboot. This would be fine if the series had a 5 month hiatus, but instead, it reboots only a third of the way through the series. I couldn't help but go "Huh? What? What the fruitcake is going on----HOLY F****** SHINIGAMI ON A POGO STICK AAAAAAHHHH THIS IS GETTING SCARY!!!!!"
You may ask "Cameron, you lovable jerk, your points are perfectly valid, but what's your opinion?" My opinion of Soul Eater is this: it's not the next Fullmetal Alchemist as many people are saying, but it may be the next Bleach or D. Gray Man. I unabashedly love Soul Eater like Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw loves Portal. Now, can someone kindly have Tim Burton make a film adaptation and have him cast Johnny Depp as Dr. Stein? Please?

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