Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soul Eater Review Pt. 3: The Villains

OK, time to look at what makes a manga: it's villains.
First, we have Crona and the Demon Sword, Ragnarok.

Crona is  memorable because he/she (Crona's gender is pretty ambiguous) because A) she/he is always saying he/she "doesn't know how to deal" with most things, and B) THE BLACK BLOOD. AUUUGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!
Let me explain what the Black Blood is: the Black Blood is like normal blood, only black....if normal blood drove people who had it TOTALLY BATSHIT INSANE. 
Ragnarok is a jerk. He has a symbiotic relationship with Crona (he is where the black blood comes from) and, when summoned.....bursts out of Crona's back. Euurrghhhhh.....squick, indeed. Even worse? Ragnarok can WEAPONIZE Crona's black blood, turning it into needles, spikes, flying razors, etc. Yikes.

Next, we have Medusa.

 Now a lot of people are scared witless of Medusa, who is a witch with a snake motif masquerading as a school nurse. I, however, find Medusa to be the 3rd best character in the series. Yes, she's scary, but she's also rather attractive (Spirit is a bit disappointed when he finds out she's a witch. Not angry. DISAPPOINTED.Of course, this is Spirit we're talking about....)

The one villain that scares me the most is Cthulhu- uhm.. I mean, Asura!!!!
He gets introduced, and the series stops being the dream of Tim Burton and becomes the nightmare of H.P. Lovecraft. Just look at the first time we see his face....

And if the picture isn't enough to make you need to change your pants, read Wikipedia's description of him:
The first kishin or demon god, and the ultimate antagonist in the series. He is known for his exceedingly paranoid disposition and quirky habits such as wrapping his entire head with countless scarfs and wearing five or six layers of clothes. He was fearful of everything, including his weapon partner Vajra, whom he devoured whole, though he can still cough up Vajra to attack. The scarfs on his body are actually made from his own overstretched skin, and can also be used as weapons. As the embodiment of madness, Asura emits a wavelength that causes people to lose their grip on reality and hallucinate. He was one of Shingami's strongest subordinates 800 years prior to the start of the series. Out of fear he began devouring innocent souls, including his own weapon partner; Lord Death ripped off his skin and used it as a bag to imprison him beneath Death City. He is eventually released thanks to Medusa and her minions, and goes off into hiding to spread his madness across the world. He is rarely seen in the manga though he does become the center of focus for the anime, particularly Arachne's plans to spread his madness across the world.

is Medusa's older sister, a witch with a spider motif who loves to mess with your mind....
Wikipedia says: She was defeated by Shinigami 800 years prior, which causes her to seal her soul into a golem until she could revive herself. She does not get along with her sister, and prefers to manipulate the enemy from afar rather than face them in direct combat. She is able to immobilize enemies with spider silk imprison someone within their own mind and force them to face their own fears, and use a number of spiders for reconnaissance...yikes.....

But no character can match Asura in his sheer nightmare-fuel potential.........

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