Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soul Eater Review Part 1: The Main Characters & Synopsis

OK, so I intended to do this review muc later, but because I'm impatient, I just said "Oh, screw patience, let's do this thing!".  First, let's examine the setting: Soul Eater is set in the town of Death City, which looks like a city designed by Tim Burton. (To be honest, you'll be hearing me mention Mr. Burton A LOT in this review.)  The whole town looks like a Xerox of Halloweentown from Nightmare Before Christmas, and has
bizarre architecture: the school has giant candles sticking out of the walls!!!
I  feel like copy-pasting the basic synopsis from Wikipedia now, so.... INCOMING COPYPASTE!!!!!!!
The series revolves around three teams consisting of a weapon meister and (at least one) human weapon. Trying to make the weapon a "Death Scythe" and thus fit for use by the academy's headmaster, Shinigami (better known as Death), they must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and one witch, in that order; otherwise, they will have to restart all over again. Now, you may think "Oh, it's a monster of the week/collection manga", but it's not

Now, we get to the fun stuff! It's time to meet the main characters!
First we have Team 1: Maka Albarn and Soul Eater

 Quite honestly, Maka can tell Sakura to suck it. Maka is partnered up with the cool slacker Demon Scythe, Soul Eater Evans. Maka is a hard worker and very intelligent, with a bit of a temper.

(The Maka Chop  looks painful) Soul on the other hand, is, as I said before, is a slacker badass who is also an excellent pianist.

Now, we have team 2: Black * Star and Tsubaki.

 Black * Star (Yes, that's how his name is written) is a supposedly incredible assassin, but we never see that- this guy has NO INSIDE VOICE AND IS ALWAYS TALKING REALLY REALLY REALLY LOUD EVEN WHEN HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE STEALTHY. Plus, he has an ego even bigger than mine (No, not like that, you sick perv). Now you may be saying "Hey, wait a second this Black * Star kid sounds really similar to Narut-...." Let me just cut you off right there and tell you NO HE IS NOTHING LIKE THAT DUMBASS LOSER. Black * Star's fail moments are genuinely funny, and he can be a real badass when he needs to be. Partnered up with Black * Star is the Shadow Weapon, Tsubaki, capable of becoming a knife, a pair of chain scythes, a smoke bomb, a giant shuriken, and later on, a katana. Now, I really feel bad for Tsubaki, she puts up with Black * Star's ego (again, not that kind of ego, now get your mind out of the gutters, dammit!) with a smile. I'm pretty sure that deep down, she just wants to beat the ever-lovin' crap outta Black * Star.
Finally, we have the third and final team of Death The Kid, and the Thompson sisters, Liz and Patty.

Now, let me tell you, Kid is one of my favorite Soul Eater characters, because he's the most OCD character since Adrian Monk. He's the son of Shinigami, and he is completely obsessed with symmetry. He'll have a panic attack if he thinks the painting in his living room is leaning even the slightest bit to the right, he will destroy any bad guy who isn't symmetrical, but will refuse to fight anyone who is symmetrical. Even funnier is the fact that his hair has three white stripes on one side and no stripes on the other. Point this out to him, and he will get extremely depressed and self-loathing, upon which, Liz and Patty, Kid's twin pistols, will have to snap him out of his asymmetrical depression. Now, Kid is one of THE most AWESOME characters. Why? He's got some genuinely funny moments, he's the son of the GRIM REAPER, and when he fights, he dual wields pistols. Holding them barrel-side down. And pulling the triggers with his PINKY FINGERS. Do you know how DIFFFICULT THAT IS??? Even more impressive is the fact is that he isn't shooting bulltes- he's shooting COMPRESSED ENERGY FROM HIS SOUL.
Now, on to the minor characters....

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