Thursday, April 28, 2011

Soul Eater Review Part 2: Minor Characters

First we have the Grim Reaper himself, Shinigami, aka Lord Death who looks like, well, erm....
....there's actually a canonical reason why he looks like's so he doesn't scare the living shit outta the younger students...

Next, we have  Dr. Franken Stein. Yeah, you can groan now, but Stein is actually my second favorite character, because of how badass he is. He's a bit crazy....actually, that would be an understatement. He is the MOST PSYCHOTIC good guy in the series. He just looooooves to dissect things....including himself. Just look at him!

You see that thing sticking outta his head? That's a SCREW. He's LITERALLY GOT A SCREW LOOSE.

Next we have Spirit Albarn
 Maka's dad and a Death Scythe. Currently divorced, because he's a, well, a bit of a player.... Maka despises him, but Spirit really wants to be a good father to MAka, which kinda makes up for him being a flirt.

Finally, we have Excalibur,

the legendary holy sword who has a bigger ego than Black * Star (FOR THE THIRD TIME, NOT THAT KIND OF EGO!!!!!!), and is so irritating and self-centered that just saying his name in front of someone who's met him will elicit a very special grimace from the unlucky character....

That face just says: DO NOT WANT!!!!! That's it for the minor characters, onto the (cue lightning flash and dramatic organ music) THE VILLAINS.

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