Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10 Things I Hate

10. People who immediately think reading manga makes you a weeaboo/japanophile
Thanks for making me feel like I have a dirty secret, you bunch of ballturds.
9. Fire drills
Aaaah my ears!!!!!!
8. Divorced parents
7. Hipsters
AKA losers- than again, I have a profound love for the music of OK Go, so I could be making myself a hypocrite.
6. Modern pop music
Oh, how Americans are easily amused! With the exception of OK Go, modern popular artists have nothing to offer.
5. Bullies.
I'm gonna be serious here, let me just say: if you are being bullied, I beg of you, TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT IT. It is not your fault you're being bullied, bullies are just insecure jerkwads. On another note, if you are the bully, I highly suggest you re-evaluate your turd.
4. Cosplayers
Dressing up as anime characters is the reason why item number 10 exists.
3. Geometry
I want to be a game designer, when the hell am I gonna use this crap!?!?
2. Parents getting remarried
1. The thought I might not be funny.
Oh god, I'm terrified by this thought.


  1. Actually, I would imagine as a game designer, geometry would come in very handy, although it depends on the sort of game you're going to create. I don't know much about it personally, but it seems that creating good computer graphics would require a thorough knowledge of geometric principles. Just a thought.

    Furthermore--just as an aside from someone who is trying to get on the path to being a mathematics instructor--in many ways, the point of geometry is less about the actual figures you analyze, and more about the process of critical thinking and logic that you have to develop which will definitely be useful in any profession, especially computer programming.